DD Bart Fishing Tips
 7 or 8ft Medium or MH Action rod and 20-30lb braided line are recommended for fishing Death Dealer Bart. Heavier braid is fine but I use 20-30lb test.
TUF-LINE XP Braid 20-30lbs is recommended but monofilament is fine for open water fishing. Crank the drag to max for braided line fishing scum and muck but use a normal drag when fishing with monofilament line. Tie Bart directly to the line - do not use a clip or snap because it will hamper balance and flotation for Bart and can also hamper action of the lure. Snaps can open during hook sets since when fishing braided line with the drag cranked down tight, the wire snap is stressed more than when fishing monofilament and a normal drag setting. To minimize chances of losing a fish and to maintain the original balance and flotation of the lure, I recommend trying directly to lure with a palomar knot.
Less is more fishing DD Bart. Throw Bart into the thickest scum and muck you can find and let him sit there a few seconds. Twitch the rod tip a time or two and let Bart sit another 20-30 seconds. Continue this presentation. Leave a little slack in the line so that when a fish takes Bart he gets a split second to turn away before feeling the rod - there is no need to count or wait to set the hook with Clatterbrat lures - your immediate reaction is time enough so don't wait - torch him!
Use a sideways hookset when possible - hold the rod horozontally, reel in any slack line and sweep the rod back keeping it parallel to water surface. Use the whole rod for hook setting and not only the tip of the rod. In open water keep the rod parallel to water surface during the fight or if battling in heavy cover, raise the rod to vertical position to keep fish up out of it during the fight. Avoid moving the rod around a lot during the fight - this can help dislodge the lure.
When hits are few try different retrieves. Sometimes varying retrieve speed can trigger strikes that otherwise might not occur.
Remember in heavy muck the fish is more successful getting the lure when it is not moving or moving very slowly. Where possible cast Bart upward rather than parallel to the water surface. Falling from the sky helps Bart orient himself and land belly down, thus not fouling the hook in scum and muck or floating hydrilla, which can ruin a cast.
God bless and bass wishes.

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