Story of Bart
The Bart topwater lure series came about because of issues encountered fishing hollow and soft body frog lures. Hollow frogs tend to crack and tear after a few fish are caught. Belly weights can fall out and before that the lure starts to leak and sink. Some hollow frog lures take on water and sink right out of the box. Sinking is remedied by squeezing the water out before each cast but it hurts productivity when the angler sees a blowup and casts immediately, not realizing the frog is filled with water. The lure sinks and the fish is not triggered to strike. Who knows what trophy is missed? Hookup ratios are 50/50 at best when fishing water that frog lures are designed for - heavy scum, grass and muck. Modifications to hollow and soft frog lures improved both but results were unsatisfactory since hookup ratios did not change. Many soft frog lures do not orient themselves in the water properly. They either float nose down and tail up or come in completely upsidedown on the retrieve. Most soft frogs tear easily as well.
Development of a new topwater frog lure began. The Bart topwater series emerged with Death Dealer Bart first out of the gate. The Bart series is designed around 7 fundamental principles:
1. Balance
2. Flotation
3. Durability
4. Sound
5. Hookup ratio
6. Single hook - easier on fish and fisherman
7. Components made in America
Bart does not look like a frog except where it matters. The profile, silhouette and posture of Bart with head up and tail down perfectly mimics a frog in the muck. Made from durable materials that will not sink Bart never needs water squeezed out and the lure is ready for every cast. The single, needle sharp hook, riding close to the water surface is the first thing in the fish's mouth when hit. Hookup ratios are exceptional. Bart has a loud rattle that entices lurking bass to seek and destroy. Bart is designed to land belly down and to maintain that position in the water but occasionally, wind gusts or an errant cast can cause Bart to land on his side or upside down. In open water Bart will right himself immediately, no matter how he lands.
Bart is hand built, one at a time and tested in water to assure correct balance and flotation.
Nothing fancy, nothing flashy, nothing more than needed to catch fish.
Finally, Bart is made in America from components that are made in America. In today's economy committment to supporting American companies and workers is essential. Before buying your next lure take a moment to research its origin and place of manufacture. Please support products that are made in the USA by American workers.
Bass Wishes,
Skip Bertrand

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